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Your Online Reputation Matters. See What Happens When Customers Google You

Michelle Benincasa Oct 01, 19

Hey folks, FYI we have a more in-depth webinar on this topic with subject matter expert Alex Montalenti.

As a REALTOR®, your image and reputation are vital to your success as agent. You may be an upstanding member of your community and even the life of your social scene. You might volunteer and participate in local charity events. You could have the best-spoken word reputation since Ghandi, but your online presence could still be preventing you from being successful as an agent.

You may be thinking that referrals are still the best way to generate new business. However, the era of the in-person referral is coming to an end. Online research is becoming more valuable than ever in the way people are choosing their agents. Sixty percent of buyers Googled their agent in 2018. Take control of your online reputation and see what happens when customers Google you.

"You dress up for work every day and look good but online you could be naked."

- Alex Montalenti, Real Grader Real Estate Technology Coach

Taking Control of Your Online Reputation

Whether you know it or not, your online presence already exists as a REALTOR®. Zillow, Homes.com, Trulia etc. have already created profiles of you as an agent. If you've had no input in this creation, chances are you aren't going to love how you're being portrayed. Don't panic.

"Your reputation is getting built without you, it's on the line but it's also online."

- Alex Montalenti, Real Grader Real Estate Technology Coach

Rather, take control of your online reputation. Start by Googling yourself. Most agents haven't yet filled out their Google business profile. Filling out this profile will be a good step in putting forth the correct branding you'd like to appear when searched.

Next, do this with commonly used REALTOR® platforms. Make sure that your branding is congruent throughout the different platforms and if you're linking to your website that the link is good. Agents have by accident linked to their previous firm and the agent who replaced them. Do not do this.

Further, utilizing your social media accounts (if you don't have them yet, we'll get there) will help you to better control your online reputation.

Un-Frustrating Yourself with Social Media

48% of all firms cited keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges facing their firm in the next two years. (National Association of Realtors 2018)

We understand that social media can sometimes be frustrating. However, social media platforms generate opportunities to reach large audiences. Utilize your Facebook and Twitter to have fun with your audience while engaging potential leads. These posts don't need to be perfect; they just need to be on brand with your message. LinkedIn posts should be more business oriented and structured. According to Montalenti, there are nine relevant social media platforms to market yourself as a real estate agent. These nine are:

  • Realtor
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Homes
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

No one is suggesting that you have to become a tech wiz overnight. These are just some platforms that can greatly benefit your online reputation. Also, you can utilize these platforms to engage contacts and add leads to your database.

"Why make phone calls to everyone in your contacts one at a time when you can make one social post and reach everyone?"

- Alex Montalenti, Real Grader Real Estate Technology Coach

Generating a REALTOR® Score

Are you asking yourself:

  • How often should I post?
  • Where should I post?
  • What's my current online reputation?

These are common questions for REALTORS® beginning to use online platforms. However, the chances are that without coaching or an intensive knowledge of social media your online reputation isn't great. 

Most REALTORS® average an online REALTOR® score of 33 out of 100. (Real Grader)

Don't worry, this can be changed. You're in the majority. Just keep in mind that taking control of your online reputation by un-frustrating yourself with social media will help you as an agent close more deals. For a more  detailed look at how you can enlist social media to help build your online reputation, check out our webinar!

Your Online Reputation Matters. See What Happens When Customers Google You.

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