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CRM | 4 minute read

Why Choose a Real Estate IDX CRM Solution?

Gabe Cordova Mar 27, 19

If you're in the market for a real estate CRM, then you know there are a lot of options out there. As you narrow your choices, make it a priority to find an IDX CRM solution. IDX (Internet data exchange) will give your team the ability to pull leads and clients from the big real estate tech websites so that they are continuing their home search on your website.

How Does Using IDX Change the Way Agents Sell Real Estate?

The way real estate consumers are shopping and buying is completely different than it was even 10 years ago. Buyers are more independent now than ever before, and a consumer will take to the internet at the first thought of interest in buying or selling their home, rather than calling in a real estate agent for suggestions.

An agent without IDX needs to rely on listings from sites like Zillow or Trulia. There, they are in competition with other agents faces and listings. Relying on these listings significantly reduces your probability for being chosen by a new lead. You want your listings on these sites to link back to a personal website. That way your lead is interacting with your listings without competition, and when they see something they like on your site they'll be able to follow up with you directly — no middleman in site.


The visibility IDX provides into your leads' behaviors is invaluable in a market that relies on your ability to speed to lead first. With an IDX CRM solution, you are able to filter through your database to see which contacts have been on your site within the last five days, which contacts have favorited houses, and even what time of day they interact with your site.

This visibility will enable you to reach out to the lead at a time you know they'll be online — and to reach out with the most relevant listings or suggestions based on how they've previously interacted with the content on your website.

Buyers can be Liars

This visibility into lead behavior will also help you deal with the reality that, well, buyers can be liars. Now, hear us out. How many times has a buyer gotten on the phone with you and explicitly outlined their requirements for a home, only for you to find out later they chose a home with completely different features? They start out needing a large backyard and a place no more than 40 miles from Boise, but they end up in a home 60 miles out of Boise and with a tiny backyard and patio. Don't end up with wasted time and no sale due to the wrong information.

The visibility an IDX CRM solution gives you allows you to double check on the reality of the buyer's request. Are they looking for homes that are outside of their initial specifications? You can use this information to feel if you have room to play with the outlined requirements your buyer provided you with. That way, you may be able to provide your buyers with the home they needed, but didn't know they wanted.


Not all CRMs have IDX capability. Some offer websites that are only front-facing, or with only backends. You don't want to be missing a link between your technology platforms that could leave you with a blind spot that your competitors have already fixed. The agents using an IDX CRM solution have a leg up in the market because they can see lead behavior and interact with leads in such a way that enables them to offer better service, get more leads and close more deals, overall. So, when you're on the hunt for a CRM, make sure IDX is included in the feature set. You won't regret it.

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