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Lead Gen | 1 minute read

What Every Team Lead Really Needs

Gabe Cordova Nov 14, 18

I'll tell you what I want what I really really want!

Form, function and flat out results.

Organizing and running a real estate team can be a lot of work without the right tools, but it doesn't have to be. Optimize your process and your technology to help your agents better follow up with leads, master the service mindset and close more deals than ever before.

It can be overwhelming to make the right investments for your growing real estate team. There are a lot of flashy strategies and tools out there that might seem helpful. So how do you know you have the tools and strategy that you need?

Firepoint's Gabe Cordova collaborated with Inman to share what every team lead really needs to facilitate high powered growth for their real estate agents.

Check out the article to learn more.

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Click here to download the guide: The Rule of Three

About Gabe Cordova

Gabe is an expert in residential real estate with over 16 years of sales success, team building, training, and system implementation. As the President of Firepoint Solutions, he focuses on building th...

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