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Real Estate | 1 minute read

[WEBINAR RECAP] Your Online Reputation Matters. See What Happens When Customers Google You.

Firepoint Aug 09, 18

Did you know that a real estate agent scores an average of 33% out of 100% when it comes to online reputation rankings? Agents often forget how much their online reputation matters and that it can actually have an impact on their business success. Luckily, there's something agents can do to not only learn what their online reputation score is, but also improve it and protect their credibility with their clients.

Gabe Cordova, President of Firepoint, spoke with Alex Montalenti of Real Grader to dig deeper into this topic. Real Grader specializes in measuring how well real estate agents do online as it relates to reputation and social media appearance. Additionally, Real Grader can help agents improve their online rankings and increase their social credibility dramatically.

Tune in to the full 30-minute webinar replay HERE to learn more about how your online reputation can impact your business and what you can do to improve your score. Don't have enough time to watch the whole replay? Check out a quick sneak peek below.

Real Grader Clip from Firepoint on Vimeo.



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