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Real Estate | 1 minute read

[WEBINAR RECAP] Learn Why Kris McCullough is Migrating His Real Estate Company To Firepoint

Gabe Cordova Aug 06, 18

When it comes to choosing a CRM, Real Estate professionals are challenged with weighing the costs, features, functionality, and benefits of these dynamic platforms in order to pick a system that works the best for their own unique businesses.

This past Wednesday, Kris McCullough, CEO of KSA Real Estate Group and Co-Founder of The Real Estate Blitz, hosted a surprise webinar session with the President of Firepoint, Gabe Cordova. Kris was enthusiastic to explain to viewers why he made the transition from his original CRM provider into Firepoint and elaborated on what excited him enough to want to instantly join the Firepoint community. 

If you missed the webinar or you're just curious to hear what the excitement is all about, check out the full recording HERE or get a sneak peek of the session below.

KSA Realty Webinar Clip from Firepoint on Vimeo.

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