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Real Estate | 1 minute read

[WEBINAR RECAP] Real Estate Lead Engagement with Facebook Messenger

Gabe Cordova Aug 11, 17

Generating Leads with Facebook Messenger

Join Firepoint Founder and Chairman Chris Tamm and Convos CEO Nick Jensen as they teach you about cutting-edge real estate lead engagement techniques. Explore how you can use Facebook Messenger to contribute to real estate lead engagement that can then flow automatically into your Firepoint account.

Generating Leads with Facebook Messenger


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Click here to download the guide: The Rule of Three

About Gabe Cordova

Gabe is an expert in residential real estate with over 16 years of sales success, team building, training, and system implementation. As the President of Firepoint Solutions, he focuses on building th...

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Firepoint + Revaluate: Prioritizing Hot Leads That Are Most Likely To Move

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How To Stay Ahead of Your Competition Without Breaking the Bank

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