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Management | 1 minute read

The Next 30 Days...

Jacob Stark Apr 14, 20


Learn about 4 Critical Strategies that will put every agent, broker and team leader in a position to take advantage of the ‘bounce’ that will happen when COVID-19 subsides. Those 4 critical things are changing on a weekly basis as we keep up to date with the pandemic and what is going on in the country, however they will follow the themes we know to be successful.

4 key takeaways:

  • Execute (at a high level) on THESE basics
  • Maintain good mental and physical health
  • Become the master of virtual real estate (we'll show you how)
  • Be the light in a dark place for your family, team, and community



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Click here to download the guide: The Rule of Three

About Jacob Stark

I’m a Marketing & Product Strategy Director/VP with 15 years of experience driving strategic initiatives for B2C and B2B companies. As a big-picture leader who’s done the work at all levels, I’m exper...

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