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Lead Gen | 7 minute read

How To Generate Real Estate Leads Through Facebook

Sammy Harper Apr 08, 22

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a valuable tool for generating real estate leads. And yes, I'm talking about the place where misinformed political memes spread like wildfire and your teenaged niece fills her timeline with selfie after selfie after selfie.

Because Facebook is also where a lot of potential homebuyers and sellers are spending time online. And they're not just sharing vacation photos and cat videos—they're also coming to this massive social network for advice and recommendations from their peers; to scope out the Facebook pages and reviews of local businesses; to find local events; and to learn more about an area they plan to relocate to.

They're also coming to Facebook to find a real estate agent.

In this blog post, learn how you can harness the power of Facebook to connect with potential clients and generate more real estate leads.

First, make sure you have a personal profile and a business page.

You'll use both—in different ways—to generate leads.

Your personal profile will be used to like and comment on other people's posts. Your profile pic can be your official REALTOR® headshot, but it can also be a picture of you enjoying a cappuccino during your Italy vacation. Just make sure it's something you'll be okay with your clients seeing.

Your business page will be your hub for sharing your company's listings, blog posts, and other content that will drive traffic back to your website. Facebook pages include a "Reviews" section where past clients can rate you and provide testimonials. And people can reach out to you directly from your Facebook page through Messenger.

Once you have your personal profile and business page set up, it's time to start generating leads!

Generating Leads With Your Personal Facebook Profile

Join and participate in Facebook groups for the local community.

Many people turn to Facebook groups for advice, ideas, and recommendations. Search for Facebook groups that include your town in the name—things like "Residents of [city]" or "Parents of [city]." Once you've been accepted into a group, be an active participant. Answer questions when you can—"What's the best seafood restaurant in town?"—and be ready to spring to action the moment someone asks for a real estate agent recommendation.

Create your own Facebook group.

If you're a parent, maybe you create a Facebook group for local moms. Another strategy is to create a VIP group exclusively for your past clients. This is a way to nurture those relationships, treat them to the occasional giveaway, facilitate conversations about home ownership, and—ideally—generate some leads by way of repeat and referral business.

Comment on people's posts to stay top-of-mind.

Every time you meet someone new—whether or not they express an interest in moving—add them as a friend on Facebook. Build up that network, then engage with those people on a regular basis. Like their vacation photos, comment on their beautiful Christmas tree, congratulate them on their new puppy. And post regularly on your profile to let them get a little glimpse into your life. Whenever they decide it's time to buy or sell—or whenever a friend asks them if they know of a great realtor—they'll think of you first.

Link your profile to your business page.

In the "Work" section of your profile, make sure you link to your Facebook business page. This will allow your Facebook friends to easily navigate to your business page. 

Generating Leads Through Your Business's Facebook Page

Share listings, virtual tours, and other engaging content that's relevant to your audience.

Make sure your Facebook page is worth following. When you share a listing or virtual tour, include a quick description about your favorite features of the home.

Your Facebook page is also a great place to share any articles you've written for your company blog—things like "The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Home In [City] in 2022" or "May 2022 Housing Market Update in [City]" will be of great interest to potential buyers and sellers.

Ideally, by promoting your listings and website content on your Facebook page, you'll drive your followers back to your website...where a lead capture form will be waiting for them.

Set up your Facebook Messenger chatbot

Considering the fact that 64% of people would prefer to message a business rather than call them, it's a good idea to set up your page's Facebook Messenger to generate leads.

On your Facebook page's dashboard, there is a section called "Messenger Tools" where you can set up an instant reply, create an away message, provide suggested messages or FAQs for a lead to select, or create custom messages that will automatically reply when a lead sends a message containing specified keywords.

For more control and functionality, you can enlist the help of a third-party chatbot service like Chatfuel or MobileMonkey.

Create Facebook Ad campaigns

The Facebook Ad platform is an effective way to generate real estate leads, and you have a ton of options to customize your campaign. Your ads can consist of a single image, multiple images, or a video. Your ads can link back to a landing page on your website, or you can create lead forms directly in Facebook Ads Manager that people will be prompted to fill out when they click your ad. You can create a highly targeted audience based on location (a 15-mile radius), language, interests (Zillow, house hunting, first time homebuyer grant, etc.), and people with whom you already have a connection (those who have "liked" your page, RSVPed to an event, visited your website, etc.).

firepoint and facebookYou can make things easy on yourself by using the Firepoint Lead Generation Platform. You can create, manage, and track your Facebook Ad campaigns directly through Firepoint, and all of your leads will be imported into your Firepoint CRM. From there, leads will be automatically added to a lead follow-up system—which includes automated emails and text messages—to assist you in nurturing your leads.

Learn more about Firepoint's lead generation tools

In addition to your Facebook leads, the Firepoint Lead Generation Platform assists you in filling your pipeline with exclusive buyer and seller real estate leads generated through Google Ads.

Get started today—click here to find out what real estate leads cost in your area.

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