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Real Estate | 4 minute read

Personalizing The Real Estate Lead Follow Up Email

Gabe Cordova Oct 24, 18

You've set up your real estate lead follow-up campaigns and know how many touches you need to make with each lead per week. That's enough to do the trick, right?


A common mistake many agents make is forgetting or ignoring the importance of personalized touches in their outreach. You're competing against a sea of agents with pages of pretty pictures of pretty homes. How can you stand out and make a stronger connection with your leads?

Take it to the Next Level

The ability to efficiently automate outreach is changing the way agents complete lead follow up — for the better. But in order to really stand out from your competitors, you need to focus on personalizing their experience of the buyer's journey. Take your outreach to the next level. Make sure every aspect of your follow-up plan includes personal touches to make you and your brand stand out.

Master the Email

So, what do you include in a killer email that people will open, and, most importantly, find useful? Emails that include video have a 300% higher open rate than emails that don't. Using a real estate CRM that integrates with a video email software will enable you to quickly record and embed videos within your emails. Your messages will be more personalized, and the time it takes you to get your message and brand across will be much shorter. In the email subject line include the word video so they will be intrigued to open your email, watch the video and learn more.

Usually agents would have to wait to get leads on the phone in order to get their personality across. Video email bypasses that need and allows you to offer a personalized touch to connect with leads before you get a valid phone number.

Make your video short, sweet and to the point. Offer ways you can help your leads on their specific journey. Focusing on the service over the sale will be a reason for your leads to better trust you, your efforts and your brand. Tailor your video message to the lead's recent activity on your site or potential interests they've expressed by looking for certain homes. Without a smart CRM, you wouldn't have visibility into your leads' actions and interests. You would be left trying to create holistic information from disparate information found across platforms.

Lower Barriers and Have the Answers

In all of your lead follow up emails, you include links to saved search lists showing pictures of pretty homes your leads might be interested in that lead back to your website. You want to make sure that your leads are spending time on your site instead of competitor sites, and that they are growing comfortable with the listings and your name.

Your website needs to be set up to accurately represent you, your brand and your listings. Make sure your bio section on your website is cohesively written and that it conveys your personal brand.

You should also be comfortable navigating the front-end and back-end of your site. Imagine a lead wants to request a showing on your site, or asks to learn more about a listing. They give you a call to ask for help — and you don't know how to answer! That's a nightmare.

Your website should make it clear how the lead can request more information on a listing or request a showing. But in case the lead needs more help navigating, or wants to discuss the site with you, be prepared to answer questions and showcase your knowledge and reliability. Remember, every touch point with a lead should be focused on delivering a service applicable to them and their buyer's journey.

Make the Extra Effort

Your leads interact with many different brands across multiple platforms. Make sure yours stands out against the rest by clearly providing the best value to your leads and potential clients. Improve your outreach efforts by using technology to gain greater insight into where your leads are at in their buyer's journey. Such personalization will make it crystal clear that they should choose you to help them find their perfect home.

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