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Realtor Follow Up | 5 minute read

Optimize Your Agents' Real Estate Follow Up Process

Gabe Cordova Oct 03, 18

You know the importance of ensuring your real estate agents are following up with their leads, and you know how to hold them accountable for their success. But are you doing everything you can to optimize the process?

There is always room for improvement. So, think— Is your team piecing together information from disparate sources, attempting to create a picture of their leads? Or even worse, are they guessing about where their leads are in the buying journey?

Giving your team the right tools to better understand the actions their leads are taking will help follow-up methods become as efficient as possible. Here are some key ways that both new and seasoned agents can optimize their follow up — and how you can help them to do so.

How to Optimize Follow Up for New Agents

New agents are hungry. They are looking to close more deals and make a name for themselves as soon as possible. A common issue that many new agents run into is forgetting about the service mindset. Remind your newer agents to take a step back and listen when in the heat of trying to close a deal — especially when the lead is reaching out for the first time. The agents should focus on where the lead is at in their buying journey. Real estate is a service industry and forgetting that will break possible connections and lose new agents more deals than their hunger can make up for.

So, how can agents better grasp and speak to their leads' buying journey? When new agents get their lead on the phone, they should leverage mirroring and matching. This involves listening closely to the tone of the lead and mirroring and matching that tone to better connect. Are they quick and excited? Maybe they are hesitant and sad about leaving a family home. Agents that focus on the sale over the service mindset in these cases will miss out on a closed deal altogether.

Listening to someone on the phone will give your agent an immediate indication of the lead's tone and where they are at in their journey, but what should agents do before they get their lead on the phone? It is much more difficult to know the story behind each lead without more information.

Your agents need access to greater information. Without a CRM that is attached to a front-facing website, there is very little visibility your agents can gather from their online leads. To optimize new agents' follow up, use a CRM to get clues into where leads are at in their buying journey. Your agents will be able to see how long each lead has been registered on the site, what their latest activity has been, or if lead activity has recently changed. The better informed your agents are about each lead's individual journey, the better able they will be to communicate effectively and reach out with the proper content that is helpful to each lead.

How to Optimize Follow Up for Seasoned Agents

More seasoned agents might have a different roadblock to optimize their follow up process. Agents who have made a name for themselves have a process they rely on— and it works, so why change it, right?

At the rate technology is evolving, keeping your process status quo can quickly make you outdated. To optimize seasoned agent's follow up, make sure they have all the information on the possibilities that are provided with advanced technology.

Turn to Tech

Using a CRM, they can reach more leads, in a more targeted manner, for a longer amount of time. Drip campaigns, reminders and last activity information are all available uses. Greater visibility combined with greater outreach enablement allows agents to target the leads who are thinking about real estate — right when they are thinking about real estate. For example, if you see recent activity for a lead usually occurs on weekend mornings, then make it a point to reach out during that time. The opportunities to expand your client base are there, and the right tools and technology will help make those opportunities more clear and within reach.

To optimize agents' real estate follow up, give them the information they need to make more connections with more leads and to build rapport more efficiently. Enlisting a CRM is the best route. Save yourself the time and effort of compiling disparate systems for things like drip campaigns, call recordings, etc. When the information about your agents and their leads is all in one place, you can be more effective at helping them optimize their follow up, and you can hold your real estate team accountable for making the most of each lead.


Click here to download the guide: The Art of Follow Up

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