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Lead Gen | 5 minute read

Identifying the Best Leads for Your Team

Gabe Cordova Oct 24, 18

Your agents came to you to provide them with the tools, the best real estate leads, and the guidance to help them excel in their ability to sell homes and grow their business. So, give the people what they want! You can become the master of lead generation and identifying the right leads for the right agents by turning to your tools to help diversify, organize and prioritize follow up.

Diversify Lead Sources

It's easy as a team lead to focus in on one type of lead source; purchasing leads mainly from Zillow or another lead source where leads are actively raising their hands to speak to an agent about a property seems like a no-brainer. These leads are further along in their buyer journey and want to talk about real estate right now, so why wouldn't you go all-in on that one lead source?

Well — like most things in life — balance is actually the underlying tactic to success. One of the biggest industry secrets that team leads often forget is to always diversify your lead sources. You never know when that one source you've been relying on is going to dry up or when the price will skyrocket. So it's in your best interest to not become dependent on one type of lead. Leads that come from Google, PPC or Facebook might require a longer nurture cycle, but they are cheaper and well worth the time investment as well.

Variety is the spice of life, am I right? The same goes with your lead sources. When you diversify, your agents will have varying sales cycle lengths to work with and a way to amplify their closing ability through working with multiple types of clients. This will be especially important as you build your team and recruit more agents. You'll need more viable leads in your pipeline at any given time and need to diversify the source to get the best price for the amount and quality of leads.


So, how do you organize your information for all these different lead sources and make sure you're returning on your investments? You'll need a real estate CRM to give you insight into the numbers behind each lead source, the number of deals closed per lead source and the overall ROI you're seeing for each lead source per agent.

Lead Type

Once you've diversified your lead pool, prioritize your leads and distribute them to your team of agents. High-fit leads will look different in different contexts. You and your agents should keep your eyes peeled for the key indicators that signify a lead will be a home run for a certain agent.

These indicators will be a variety of both qualitative and quantitative information. Has someone talked to the lead on the phone? What's their personality like? Would a specific agent be an obvious fit for this type of lead? You know your agents' strengths. Help them play to those strengths by offering them the leads they'll be able to mesh with. After all, closing deals is all about channeling the service mindset whenever possible.

The quantitative intelligence will require tools to gain behavioral history on your leads to see where they are at in their buyer's journey and how you should prioritize them based on that.


You can gain this intelligence by using real estate CRM technology. You'll be able to look into lead activity to gain a full picture that will help you to prioritize leads as high-fit leads. CRMs enable your team to use filters to find out some of these key indicators:

  • Last login
  • Register in last 3 days
  • Favorited properties
  • Number of properties viewed

These filtered indicators will show which of your leads are thinking heavily about real estate. If someone is matching all of these high-fit criteria, they should be a follow-up priority for your agents that day because the truth of the matter is, if they aren't buying from you, they'll be buying from someone else — and probably soon.

Identifying the Best Real Estate Leads for Your Team

Your agents are your new clients. Make sure you give them what they need in leads by diversifying your lead sources and investing in the right tools to offer you the necessary clarity into ROI and lead behavior.

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your leads, the better able your team will be to serve them the information and home-buying experience they are looking for.

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