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How to Sync Your Firepoint CRM + Email Marketing + Facebook Advertising

Jacob Stark May 29, 20



Imagine adding a new contact in Firepoint, which automatically syncs to your email marketing program AND to Facebook as a custom audience. Then, even better, when the contact engages, that information comes back to your CRM so you can act on it.

How, you ask?

Learn how to get those three systems to talk to each other so you can stop importing/exporting all the time. Just put your contacts into Firepoint and the data will automatically go where you need so that you can focus on how you act on the insights.



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Click here to download the guide: The Rule of Three

About Jacob Stark

I’m a Marketing & Product Strategy Director/VP with 15 years of experience driving strategic initiatives for B2C and B2B companies. As a big-picture leader who’s done the work at all levels, I’m exper...

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