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Lead Gen | 6 minute read

How to Maximize Your Real Estate Leads Database

Gabe Cordova Oct 22, 19

Hey folks, FYI we have a more in-depth webinar on this topic with subject matter expert, Beverly Ruffner.

Trying to find real estate leads in a stocked database can seem like a difficult process. Whether you're overwhelmed with the amount of leads or frustrated with the process of calling them one by one, the database can begin to feel like a burden. We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be a pain!

We've put together a few simple and easy steps for you to maximize your real estate leads database with Beverly Ruffner, CEO of Balance Business Consulting who's multilingual in CRMs. Beverly helped us walk through a live calling process and demonstrated best practices. Here's a summary of the process.

"I promise that your leads don't suck. It's all about optimizing your database and being persistent."

- Beverly Ruffner CEO, Balance Business Consulting

Preparing your Database

The database is the core of your real estate existence. Make sure that you're operating with a cleaned and efficient database.

For ISAs (Inside Sales Agents) and agents alike it's imperative to have a prepared database before running through calls. The best way to prepare a database is to utilize one that allows filters to be placed on leads. These filters can help you differentiate between new, bad number etc. This way, when you sit down to call leads, you're targeting a specific group and can have similar and quick conversations obtaining helpful information.

"There are a lot of different salad dressings in the grocery store. If I'm trying to find a specific one, I want the grocery store's layout to direct me right to where I can find the salad dressing. I want the same thing out of my database. When I'm calling leads, I want the database to provide all the information we have in the same place."

- Beverly Ruffner CEO, Balance Business Consulting

Creating a Calling Checklist

Having a checklist of topics that you'd like to address when calling leads can be helpful when organizing thoughts pre-call.

1. Confirm whether the number is good or bad (if it's not already done so in the database).

2. Specify the area the prospect is looking to buy.

3. Assess the situation of the lead. Are they looking to buy now? If not, confirm when they plan to.

4. Address if this will be a new home, second home, or retirement home.

5. Verify their Email address.

Contacting Leads

Good Practices:

When calling leads it's important to remain interested in the prospect's life while still having the objective of completing your calling checklist. We've found a successful real estate-oriented conversation starter is, "What are your future plans?"

This opens the prospect up because they're accustomed to speaking with their mom, their best friend or their kids. It's important to make the phone call feel comfortable. When they're taking a call from a number they don't know, they don't want to be sold to. You can thank telemarketers for this.

Get the lead to feel comfortable giving you the relevant information. Remember your checklist and move through the call quickly while maintaining interest in the lead's personal life. These calls should be in the three to five minute range. Remember, you want to become the Rockstar in person, not over the phone.

Bad Practices:

When calling leads it's generally best not to leave voicemails. Surveys prove that a very small percentage of people listen to these voicemails and almost no one listens to them in entirety. Instead, maintain the lead's curiosity and reach them another time.

If a lead has been called before (and the number has been already confirmed good), make sure that you are not letting the phone ring more than four times. Past four rings the lead is probably in the middle of a task and struggling to get to their phone. This is not ideal.

Don't provide a brokerage name when calling leads. This only confuses the lead by causing them to try and match you to your website. Avoid the confusion and get to the relevant information.

"Leads can look at homes on 100 different websites. Dropping your brokerage's name can equate to meeting someone and forgetting their name seconds later. It only confuses the lead and takes away from the process."

- Beverly Ruffner CEO, Balance Business Consulting

Post Call Database Updates

The phone calls you're making are essential to your database. Your database should be one that can easily record these calls and have organized areas to provide notes on leads. At the very minimum you should be updating your database to show:

  • Whether the number is good
  • What area the prospect is interested in
  • When the prospect is looking to make a move
  • A confirmed email address

This information is crucial to your database. Going forward you'll be able to switch the lead's status and address their needs accordingly.

Make sure that all of the information from the call is updated directly into the database immediately. This way, no matter who reaches out to the lead next, they'll be up to date on where the conversation has left off.

"Being multilingual in databases, I know what I want from mine... Having an optimized database makes everyone more effective."

- Beverly Ruffner CEO, Balance Business Consulting

Maximizing your real estate leads database through prior to call preparation and post call updating will make your team more effective. For a deeper dive into database maximization check out our webinar!

How to Maximize Your Real Estate Leads Database with Beverly Ruffner

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