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How To Introduce A New Sales Methodology To Your Real Estate Team

Dave Crumby Sep 23, 21

As a real estate team leader, you're constantly making adjustments to the way you do business. Whether you're incorporating new technology (hello, virtual tours) or tweaking your scripts to align with the current market conditions, you know that you must be forever adapting and innovating.

Sometimes, you make big changes. Changes to your entire way of doing business. Sometimes, when you're sitting in a seminar or listening to a podcast, you'll hear something that gets your heart racing. Because you know that what you're hearing—this new, big idea—is going to be a game changer for your real estate business.

When you decide to make a change to your entire sales methodology—to the principles upon which you operate—you'll also be changing the daily routines of the people on your team. It's a big undertaking that requires planning on how to implement. Luckily, some of the staff at HubSpot have shared their wisdom on how to help your team get on board with a new sales methodology.

But before we get into that, I want to make sure you understand exactly what a sales methodology is, because it is often confused with sales process.

Sales Methodology vs. Sales Process

Your sales process is a set of activities that you've developed specifically for your business, and that you perform consistently, on a daily basis, to accomplish goals in your business. A sales methodology, on the other hand, is the overarching philosophy—or set of principles—that guides every aspect of your business. Sales methodology dictates what will be included in your sales process. So when you adopt a new methodology, you'll also be making changes to your process.

And that brings us to our main topic—how do you get your team to buy into your new methodology?

6 Tips for Helping Your Real Estate Team Embrace A New Sales Methodology

The following tips are based on advice from some of the top sales experts at HubSpot. Those experts are Rachael Plummer (HubSpot Global Manager, Solutions Provider Program), David Torres (HubSpot LatAm Sales Manager), and Dan Tyre (HubSpot Executive).

1. First, identify what will stay the same. Then, when you present the new methodology to your team, explain the changes as an evolution of what you're already doing well. "The change itself essentially becomes evolution as a natural consequence of improvement," says Torres. "Why would I choose not to do things better when we've evolved to the point that we can actually do things better?"

2. Demonstrate how you expect your results to improve. Tell them what kind of monthly and annual increases in deals you expect to result from this new methodology. Share data that shows how other real estate teams have profited from implementing these changes.

3. Set short-term goals for when you want to have each new component implemented. It doesn't all have to happen at once. Where do you want to be in 1 week, 1 month, etc.? "Change, in my experience, is best absorbed in small chunks," says Torres.

4. Provide clear and succinct instructions for each new action item you add to your sales process. Bonus points if you use a CRM with workflows to assign tasks—with this kind of CRM platform, every sales rep would simply go to their dashboard, see their list of activities to do that day, and click to read the instructions for each new item. This would allow your team to begin implementing the new methodology right away, but with as little interruption to their flow as possible.

5. Try reverse role-playing. To demonstrate to your team of sales reps how the new methodology will work, do some role-playing where you play the sales rep and they play the prospective client. Demonstrate how a phone call would go under the new methodology.

6. After a week or two of implementing the new sales model, listen to recorded calls together as a team. Discuss how well the new methodology is being adopted and where there are still areas for improvement. And don't forget to celebrate the successes!

Never stop improving

You're going places, my friend. I know this, because you're reading this blog post. And anyone who reads a blog post like this—one focused on adapting and innovating and improving—has what it takes to build a successful, sustainable real estate business. So keep it up. Maintain that mindset of constant improvement. Continue striving to be better. And empower your team to do the same.

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