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How to Improve Your Team Meetings and Inspire Your Agents

Damon Gettier Apr 17, 19

If your team isn't selling homes and producing results, then something needs to change. It might be your technology or your lead routing tactics — but it could also be a lack of team accountability and continued training opportunities.

That's why it's time to consider what you, as a team lead, can change.

Have you set the right expectations for lead follow up with your agents? Do they have the necessary technology within a CRM to log calls, to track and receive lead notifications? If the answers to these questions are yes, then consider reframing a few powerful tools for inspiration — team meetings, culture codes and real estate communities.

Social Accountability

Peer pressure works and a productive real estate team meeting is a great way to add positive peer pressure to your agents' follow-up strategy. Team meetings allow you to collaborate on advice, share information, analyze follow-up statistics and set new goals.

Hold a Weekly Real Estate Team Meeting

Gather your team for weekly team meetings to go over follow-up techniques.

With a real estate CRM, all calls are recorded and communication is logged. Use this reserve of lead-follow-up examples as a training opportunity. Randomly pull up an agent phone call from the week before. Listen to it as a team. Then offer the agent who made the call the chance to grade it and speak to what they could have done better. After they think through where they could improve, open the communication up to the greater team. Let them say what the agent did well and where they have room to improve. Using real agent interactions will improve the quality of every real estate team meeting and increase training value for agents.

Daily Huddles

Team pressure works as a way to motivate agents and to hold them accountable to their goals and the goals of the team. Use the data from your CRM to display leaderboards and numbers for each agent. Publicize these numbers in daily huddles or over your team chat. Notifying the team that the majority of agents made 300 calls in a week, but one agent only made 10, adds the social accountability that reminds each agent to pull their weight.

Hire Culture Fits

A team lead can influence and motivate their agents to an extent, but an agent also needs to have an internal drive to sell homes and to succeed in order to perform well.

Ensure your team is comprised of motivated, hardworking agents by hiring for these qualities at the start. Develop a culture code that outlines the qualities you want to hire for and the community you are trying to build within your team.

As you hire to build your team, reference your culture code as a way to gauge how a new agent will perform and fit in with the rest of the team. It isn't about hiring a homogenous mix of agents, it's about hiring people with the same inner motivations who will work well together, for themselves and for the team at large. Continue to reference that culture code and give examples of your values in action during team meetings.

Learn From the Best

Nobody wants a boss anymore. Bosses were done in the '70s. People want leaders. Some team leads want to get their team to the stage where they can pull out of the business completely and expect it to continue successfully without them — but this is a flawed plan. Agents are looking for a leader to provide not only the tools and the leads necessary for success, but also for the leadership and the guidance that comes from being a part of a team. Investing in your own leadership skills will help you grow your team and motivate your agents to sell even more homes and believe in their own potential.

Facebook has leveled the playing field for real estate knowledge sharing. If you're looking for leadership tips, tricks and insights, go to the mastermind groups on Facebook. Surround yourself with people who will inspire you, and take that knowledge back to your team.

Raise the mean of your real estate team by
  • Holding everyone accountable for the sales activities needed to close deals
  • Hiring agents who are inwardly motivated and looking to help grow the business
  • Turning to the experts when you are looking for your own inspiration
With these three tactics, you can create team meetings that inspire your agents, keeping them happy, engaged and selling.
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