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Real Estate Team | 4 minute read

3 Ways to Hold Your Real Estate Team Accountable

Gabe Cordova Sep 12, 18

Managing a team of independent thinkers can be tough. Your real estate agents might have gotten into the business to be their own bosses, but ultimately they've turned to you to provide the fuel for furthering their careers. So you have to make the best use of the leads you provide your team, and work hard to guide your agents toward the best practices that will skyrocket their home sales. One such best practice is accountability.

Ensuring your agents are accountable for their sales and their careers will be an important step in guiding them to close more deals. Here are a few key tips to hold your real estate team members accountable for their methods, their sales and their overall success.

1. Set Clear Expectations

It is crucial to be clear when you pass leads to your team. Communicate what their responsibilities are in order to help them best engage with the new lead and set them off on the right foot. You may think that offering loose guidelines such as "follow up soon" provides your team with the autonomy for success, but constraints have been shown to foster greater creativity.

Instead, offer your agents the guidelines they'll need to successfully follow up. For example:

  1. Speed to lead.
  2. Call, but don't leave a voicemail.
  3. Call again!

Send them checklists for each lead, or provide your team with a clear list of best practices to follow. Being clear about what is necessary to convert a lead will give your team members the knowledge they need to be accountable for their success. To foster greater accountability and better track your agents' activity, provide a centralized playbook for your agents to follow and use a CRM to assign, organize and manage tasks that keep your agents on course to closing more deals

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If you've made the individual responsibilities clear, you must also ensure that individuals have access to the right tools for completing those responsibilities. Additionally, those tools should allow you to keep track of whether or not the process is working.

You need the ability to see into the process your agents are using each time they connect with a lead. Using call recording and lead communication technology will provide you important visibility and insight into knowing if your agents are following best practices. The extra insight will show where your agents are succeeding and ways they could improve when following up with a new lead.

It's critical that you are able to listen to calls. The information you gain can help you point out how your agents could change their approach in order to improve. But it also allows you to understand where they excel. This knowledge will help your team grow in ability and skill. In order to hold them accountable for success, you too need to hold yourself accountable for checking in on their process.

3. Be Consistent

You need to inspect what you expect from your team. This requires both technology to record calls and weekly meetings to discuss and review process and successes. Regularly and publicly reviewing agent success will not only reinforce best practices, but also make team members accountable for their own successes. Daily or weekly team huddles will allow you to check in on progress and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Frequent and consistent check-ins are a proactive approach to holding your team accountable. Provide your agents with timely and effective feedback on what they can be doing to improve their lead communication and follow up. Encourage them to capitalize on opportunities by regularly highlighting their successes and offering insight into how they can improve. You'll be able to better manage the progress of your team and foster greater accountability.

Accountability Goes Both Ways

The best way to hold your real estate team accountable is to hold yourself accountable as well. You really need to engage with your team to provide them with the best guidance and software to accomplish their goals and sell more homes. Create a team culture where everyone does their part — including you!

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