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How to Get the Most From Your Weekly Real Estate Team Meetings

Firepoint May 22, 19

Real estate team meetings are the perfect opportunity to work on your follow-up skills and to perfect your strategy. If your real estate team isn't already holding regularly scheduled scrums and team meetings, then it is possible you are missing out on training and development that could seriously improve how you sell homes! If your team is holding meetings, but you feel like they could be more productive, we've got the tips for you. Here we've outlined how to get the most from your weekly real estate team meetings.

Use Your Peers

Daily scrum and team meetings are a great opportunity to use the collective skills of your peers to bounce ideas off of and review challenges and successes from your week. Ask team members to bring articles or posts on coaching Facebook pages or real estate forums to discuss. The advice in the article can act as a jumping off point for discussion around tips and tricks that work or have proved challenging for your peers.

Use Your Tech

Your CRM can also fuel productive conversation in daily scrums and weekly real estate meetings. A real estate CRM tracks your sales activities (phone calls, emails, texts and general follow up). If your real estate team has quotas for daily and weekly sales activities, then this is a great way to track your progress toward those goals. Pulling these reports up in daily scrums is an effective way to use positive peer pressure to motivate team members to work towards these quotas, because well... peer pressure works.

Your CRM is also another effective way to use your peers. Use recorded calls from the week before as prime learning sessions for the team as a whole.

Randomly pull a call from the CRM, listen to the call and then discuss how it went as a team.

Offer the person who made the call the first opportunity to discuss how they think it went, what they did right and what they could've done better. Each team member will be able to reflect on the call, learn from it and become better salespeople. It can be difficult to constantly make calls and hear the word no. Use your tech to gain insight into what your peers are up to. This will help you grow in your confidence and your skillset.

Use Your Strengths

You can't motivate people who don't want to be motivated, but you can encourage your teammates and weekly team meetings are a great place to do that. As we've said before, it can be difficult to always hear the word no as a real estate agent. While you always want to be working toward the highest success, sometimes you or your teammates will experience slumps that seem tough to break out of. Part of being in a team means accepting the responsibility to raise the mean of that team. This can be done in a lot of ways, but one sure way to lift the collective productivity and spirit of your team is to lift struggling agents away from spinning their wheels. Real estate team meetings are a great way to build camaraderie. Highlight team successes and team growth to accomplish this.

Weekly team meetings require structure and a purpose to be effective. If you think your team meetings could use some sharper teeth, then consider how technology and a set agenda would change your meetings and daily scrums for the better.

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