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Lead Gen | 6 minute read

How to Get Real Estate Leads

Gabe Cordova Jan 03, 19

Your business is built off of your client base. So how do you make sure you get more of the right leads, and how do you ensure your team will follow up with those leads? A real estate CRM is the most effective tool to jumpstart your efficiency and guide your team toward closing more deals. With the backing of a tool, you can own more of your lead sources and better qualify real estate leads for your agents. Optimize your process for getting a high volume of high-fit leads, and you're well on your way.

Owning Your Leads

Your leads are interacting with listings from many different agents across multiple websites. In order to get more high-quality real estate leads, you want people interested in your listings to interact with exclusively your information. So, how do you make that happen?

Having your own website that connects to the backend of your CRM will enable you to attract more leads and convert them into clients. Owning your leads within your CRM will ensure your leads aren't distracted or enticed by other real estate agent information that seems to always be in their faces on third-party sites like Zillow or Realtor.com.

Through your website, you'll also be able to see how your leads are responding to your listings. This new knowledge will influence your ability to source better qualified leads and serve these leads the right information, resources and guidance — wherever they are in their buyer's journeys.


So, what are some of the boots-on-the-ground tactics to get leads into your database? In order to really start boosting your home sales and to get the right leads, you need to get out in the community and do the work. Here are some ideas with a new spin to get leads into your real estate CRM.

Open Houses:

Open houses are a great opportunity to generate new leads and make new connections. Agents hold houses with the idea that a buyer will walk in and immediately want to purchase the home. As you can probably attest, that's not really what ends up happening, most of the time. It is a great opportunity, however, for new agents in an area (or any agent really) to meet future buyers. Those attending an open house will have some interest in real estate and it is important for you to get their information. At the entrance to the open house, set up a computer or tablet with a landing page that connects to your CRM. Have the guests enter their email and name for more information (and for safety purposes). You'll be able to follow up with them and nurture their interest. Eventually, they'll be buying a home and they will think of you!

Door Knocking:

Establish yourself in a neighborhood by going door to door. You can couple this effort with an upcoming open house, or strike out independently of an event. Going door to door is a great way to make a name for yourself in a community. When you're interacting with a homeowner, ask them if they or anyone they know is considering selling in the near future. Always offer them the out of naming a neighbor, but also give them the opportunity to get more information from you if they are interested. Even if they are just getting started in the process of considering to sell, you will already be on their minds when they think of real estate; if they give you their information on this journey, all the better!

Home Buyer Seminars:

Homebuyer seminars are another great way to establish yourself as a real estate thought leader. Consider partnering with lenders or interested brokers to help fund the event, then advertise however you can to get the word out. Use social media, flyers, or radio ads. You might not see a lot of turnout right away, but hold these events once a month and you'll start to gain traction as a real estate thought leader in the community.

Floor Time:

Be present for the calls that come to your office. As far as quality of leads, this lead capture method is second only to someone who's interested in buying just strolling into an open house. These folks are calling the office looking to speak with a real estate agent. So, sign up for time on the floor, and be available to take those calls when no one else is.

Qualifying Leads

A qualified lead in real estate can mean many things. Perhaps the most important is that they are actively thinking about buying a home. A CRM offers you insight into your website and how your leads are interacting with your listings. You'll be able to see where leads come from, which listings they are viewing, how often they are liking or interacting with certain listings, and when they last were on the site.

This data will give you a clearer picture into a lead before you even follow up, effectively giving you a leg up on competitors who don't have this insight. As you speed to lead, you won't be cold calling hoping to better understand what your lead wants in a home. Instead, you'll be able to set up a saved search to send out to your leads. You can tailor that search to include homes which match the criteria you already know your leads are looking for (location, price range, lot size, etc.).

Team leads will be able to route leads to agents based on this information, as well. You know your agents and their strengths. Your CRM will notify you when a lead comes into the system that matches certain criteria, so you can then easily approve and route leads to the agents most likely to close the deal.

With the right lead gathering methods and the right qualifiers built-in, you can get better, higher-fit leads directly into your CRM today, and start selling more homes.

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