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Lead Gen | 6 minute read

How To Follow Up With Real Estate Leads: The Basics

Gabe Cordova Sep 25, 18

Let's get started.

Mastering real estate follow up will accelerate your career and enable you to make a name for yourself as the agent who has the best service. It might seem overwhelming to begin but it isn't when you remember a few key tactics and tools. Here are some basics on how you should follow up with your real estate leads.

Building Rapport

It is important to think about the connection you're going to make with your leads. 70% of people who bought a home in the last year went with the real estate agent who they first connected with. This means that one of your major goals before closing a deal should be to make a connection and build rapport with your lead, so you can be the one they think of when buying or selling a home.

Building rapport starts with listening. The more information you can get from your leads when you connect with them, the more supporting evidence you will have when you look for the right homes to send them. If you get it right, the quicker you will be able to close the deal and make a happy customer.

So, when you do connect with a new lead, and they say they want to buy a home within the next six months say:

  • Tell me more.
  • Is there a reason you picked 6 months?

Or when they say they want a big backyard, reply:

  • Tell me more.
  • Why a big yard? For space neighbors, or room for activities?

Anticipate their needs but don't assume. Guide the conversation through active listening to get more information about the lead, their family, their needs and what the perfect home looks like to them.

It is also important to try to mirror and match where your lead is in their journey, and what their tone is. If you are dealing with someone quick and excited, they probably won't connect with you if you are speaking slowly and you tone is lackadaisical. Do your best to match their tone and their excitement. If they seem concerned about the numbers right away, then focus on that. Likewise, if they are looking for someone to really understand the home they want. Listen closely and appeal to that more emotional need. Making a quick connection takes insight from you the ability to adapt.

However, in certain cases a disconnect is more drastic than in others. Don't waste too much time on a lead you aren't connecting with. You need to speed to lead! Make the most of your time and the most of your team's time. Consider passing a lead off to another teammate that you think will have an easier time connecting with the lead. Your team lead will appreciate the team focus and will most likely hand you an easy lead that comes into the funnel the next time around.

Saved Searches

Saved searches are one of the best things you can do to get more direct traffic to your website, and get pretty pictures of pretty homes in front of people who are thinking about real estate. Setting up an automatic drip campaign that will send updated listings benefits your follow up in multiple ways:

  1. You want your leads to look at homes on your site.
  2. You can build trust in the long play.
  3. Buyers will become sellers later.

Sending emails with the direct link to updated listings will bring your leads back to your website. Over time, they will become more comfortable and start to associate your name and your emails with real estate. Real estate is a long play. Studies have shown that people start to search for home listings 9 -14 months before purchasing a home. Therefore, it is important that your brand and your name are not new to leads.

Don't forget, when a lead does buy a home, they then become a potential seller further down the road. It is important to continue sending saved searches to nurture those potential sellers. People want to know what the homes around them are worth and what the market is doing. Depending on how the market evolves in their neighborhood, those homeowners might want to sell again soon. When they start to consider that, they will think of you and your services. Saved searches are an easy, automatic way to make your services top of mind and to continue nurturing those leads for future opportunities - both direct and referral.

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Service Mindset

You should always be trying to optimize on your service mindset. This is the mentality that underlies every part of your follow up, including the language you use to talk to leads, and the listings and content you will continue to send them as you further understand where they are in their buyer's journey.

The right tools and technology can help you automate the content you send out to your leads making it much easier to tailor your outreach even more. If you know certain leads are very interested in a specific neighborhood then you can send them events or updates for that neighborhood — just something to show you are thinking about your leads as more than a means to an end.

Build the rapport, focus on the service mindset, use your technology to enable you to do more with less effort — and you will close more deals quickly. Incorporating these basic principles and tools into your real estate follow up will set each interaction up for success. Now you're ready to start reaching out to leads and selling more homes!

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