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Real Estate Team | 6 minute read

How To Create Accountability Among Your Real Estate Team

Sammy Harper Mar 16, 20

In just one year, Dawn Cordiner increased Soldera Properties’ transactions by 41% and doubled the number of agents on staff. How did she accomplish such a feat?

Team accountability.

Dawn joined Soldera as a real estate agent and soon rolled into the managerial side of things, driven by a desire to help the company grow.

She started by bringing technology to the brokerage. Then she established expectations and implemented an accountability practice that involved weekly team huddles and bi-monthly one-on-ones.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Dawn for a webinar session. She sat down with our own Gabe Cordova to share the details of her team accountability success. In this article, you’ll find key takeaways from her interview that you can begin implementing right away.

Dawn has also been kind enough to share three of her templates: an expectations agreement, a team huddle agenda, and a team lead checklist. These templates—plus access to the full-length webinar—are available in our Team Accountability Kit.

Get the full Team Accountability Kit here.

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Key Takeaways From The Team Accountability Webinar with Dawn Cordiner:

Step 1: Invest in technology.

When Dawn first joined Soldera Properties, there was no technology in place. She quickly changed that. 

Today, Soldera’s technology providers include Listings To Leads, Firepoint CRM, and Canva. What’s really innovative, however, is the dashboard they created to bring it all together. 

On the dashboard, agents can run their businesses from start to finish. They can order listing photography, submit marketing pieces for the marketing coordinator to distribute, download Soldera’s proprietary forms, access the MLS, write contracts, and access their leads within the CRM. 

The dashboard makes everyone’s job easier, which makes it a valuable tool for boosting accountability.

Step 2: Set expectations.

At Soldera, agents can opt in to receive company leads. To ensure accountability from the very start, Dawn created an expectations agreement that is essentially step-by-step instructions of what they need to do on a daily basis—how many calls to make per day, what to do with each lead, and the schedule of team huddles and one-on-ones they are expected to attend.

Every time an agent opts in to join the “leads team,” Dawn walks them through the agreement they must sign. She wants to make sure it’s clear that these expectations aren’t optional.

“It was a delicate dance initially because people want their autonomy in this business,” she reflected. She worried that such stringent expectations would deter agents from joining the team. But she found that setting expectations actually made a huge difference in agents’ self-accountability—and led to incredible growth for the company.

Step 3: Inspect what you expect.

As team leader, you must hold yourself accountable to holding your team accountable. You can’t just hand them a sheet of paper and end it there. You have to stay on it. You must inspect what you expect.

Dawn is in touch with her team constantly to make sure they are sticking to the expectations agreement. She implemented mandatory weekly huddles, monthly one-on-ones, and bi-monthly call nights to boost accountability. She tracks attendance and reaches out whenever there’s an absence.

Team huddles

These occur three times a week at Soldera:

  • On Mondays, they discuss the quality of the leads they received over the weekend. They also discuss any objections they received, and they’ll do a little role play.
  • Wednesdays are for technology training. Currently, the team is attending the Barry Jenkins’ Office Hours webinar sessions (provided by Ylopo).
  • On Fridays, Dawn finds out who's going to be around for the weekend. She runs through call stats and gives shoutouts to the people who are doing exceptionally well. Then they have a little bit of a Q&A.

Dawn uses a software called UberConference that automatically dials out to everybody at 8:45 a.m., so nobody can forget to call in or call in late.

Soldera’s lender partner also participates in the huddles, so she’ll talk about rates and programs with the agents. The owners of Soldera are in the huddles, as well. This is a real boost to accountability, because no one one wants to say “I didn’t make my calls the last few days,” in front of the boss.


Every agent has a monthly one-on-one with a company owner. They go over the agents’ numbers—outbound calls, conversations, outbound texts, inbound texts, new leads they’ve received. Everything is tracked within Firepoint, their CRM.

Soon, Soldera will begin listening to recordings of agents’ phone calls to discover ways to improve the conversations.

Call nights

The team (plus partner lenders) get together twice a month for call nights. They keep the energy up with beer and pizza, and hold contests to see who can hand the phone to the loan officer the most times. 

“People look forward to call nights,” said Dawn. “We usually all hang out after we get done calling, so it’s fun!”

Implementing accountability doesn’t have to be difficult

You might be concerned that enforcing accountability will dissuade agents from joining your team. After all, one of the big perks of being a real estate agent is the autonomy aspect. 

But you can take comfort in Dawn’s success. As she said, “The people doing the work are having success. I don't really have to be the bad guy. I just pull up a spreadsheet.”

And, thanks to the accountability measures put in place, Soldera experienced tremendous growth in just 12 months.

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