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Real Estate | 4 minute read

How an Easy-to-Use Real Estate CRM Can Boost Home Sales

Gabe Cordova Jan 07, 19

Technology doesn't really help you if it isn't easy to use. This is especially true when it comes to technology you need in order to do your job. Anything that gets in the way will easily become more of a frustration than you can handle when trying to close a deal or get in touch with a lead quickly. That's why a real estate CRM is great for agents: it was specifically created to be useful for your job. However, any CRM you choose also needs to be easy to use and integrate into your follow-up methods in order to actually make your job easier and your follow up more effective. If your CRM can help you achieve your tasks easily and efficiently, it can help you achieve your goals in home sales, too. Let's look at how:

Saved Searches

Most agents without a real estate CRM are sending property listings or saved searches through their MLS. They need to log in to this separate system and send listings to interested leads through the third-party site. Doing it this way creates friction in the process, and means that your listings will be in competition with other real estate agent names. Naturally, you don't want your leads to be distracted by other competitor's listings through Zillow! A real estate CRM will consolidate this process and allow you to send property listings straight to your leads. They'll be brought back to your website and will interact with only your content, allowing you to actualize the phrase "own your leads."

This process is more effective for conversions, more convenient for you and more accurate overall. Often, with third party MLS saved searches, there's no guarantee property listings are up to date. When sending saved searches from your real estate CRM, the listings you send will be updated every 15 minutes. Real estate CRMs are smart enough to pull and send listings that match up with the criteria a lead has been searching for to begin with, thereby saving you the time and effort required to ensure the listings you send are relevant to your lead. You will be able to provide better service to them while exerting less effort on the backend.

Speed to Lead

The ability to send property listings that you own is one of the ways in which a truly easy-to-use real estate CRM will help you speed to more leads. An easy-to-use real estate CRM will include follow-up templatesfor you to customize and use when following up with leads of a similar lead source. A good real estate CRM will allow you to integrate video messages in your follow-up emails. Video emails and templated emails are great for when you don't have a phone number for a lead who has been browsing your site. You might not be able to get them on the phone right away, but you can start connecting with just the click of a button. You know how important speeding to leads can be when trying to close a sale. The right tool for you and your business will be one that enables you to speed faster to leads. The quicker you can build a relationship with your leads, the faster and more likely it is you'll be able to close a deal and boost your home sales.

Do More With Less Effort

Overall, an easy-to-use real estate CRM software will enable you to accomplish more tasks while expending less effort. Real estate is a numbers game; in order to boost your home sales, you need to be actively pursuing a larger ratio of leads. Managing and optimizing this growth is where the benefits of a real estate CRM come into play. You'll be able to effectively juggle more leads and better serve them. Your CRM will hold all your lead information and your previous follow up, and schedule out tasks for you to accomplish that will keep the ball rolling toward boosted home sales.

Technology shouldn't be complex in order to be effective. An easy-to-use CRM will empower you to grow your business like never before.

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