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Lead Gen | 5 minute read

Generating Leads with Facebook Messenger

Gabe Cordova Oct 15, 19

Hey folks, FYI we have a more in-depth webinar on this topic with subject matter expert, Nick Jenson. 

As a real estate brokerage, you'll go to extravagant lengths to generate leads. Whether you're forcing your agents to join every social club in town or exhausting ISAs (Inside Sales Agents) sifting through databases, it seems you'll stop at nothing to find motivated sellers and buyers. Of all the current practices for lead generation in real estate, we think you'll find Facebook Messenger to be a resource second to none.

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users sending 8 billion messages between businesses and people every month. (Hootsuite) We'd say this is indicative of the amount of business being done on messenger. So, get with program and begin generating real estate leads with Messenger.

"People want to communicate on channels that they're familiar with. Communication on Messenger removes friction, saves time and allows for a sense of ease otherwise unavailable."

 - Nick Jenson, Convos CEO

Differentiating Between Leads and Engagements

To begin, let's start by defining the difference between a lead and an engagement in real estate. The two are commonly confused because engagements are technically leads, just better defined ones.

1. Traditional Leads: name, phone number and email

Traditional leads can be a name, a phone number (that might not be good) and/or an email (that might not be good). Traditional leads have shown some sort of interest in real estate, most commonly by visiting a real estate website. There hasn't been a conversation yet.

2. Engagements are actual conversations

Engagements occur when the first conversation with a lead takes place. These conversations can happen over many mediums: phone calls, text messages, emails and you guessed it, Facebook Messenger. An engagement addresses important information like price-range, area and time frame. Once engaged, a lead can be placed to further continue the conversation and sales process.

Learning FB Messenger Leads are Different

Generating leads through Facebook Messenger provides a better defined and probably more valuable lead because engagement has already occurred. A conversation has already begun, and the lead has a confirmed good source of communication. This eliminates the need for your agents to spend time calling Facebook Messenger generated leads - there's already an open line of communication.

Facebook Messenger generated leads are immediately definable. With Messenger, people become more willing to share information about their buying or selling needs. They view Messenger as a comfortable platform to communicate on and are willing to speak with your brokerage openly.

"This is a lead generation tool that doesn't only get you a name and email address but also a conversation." 

- Chris Tamm, Firepoint Founder and Former Chairman

Enlisting Chatbots

You might be asking yourself: Do I need to have agents or ISAs on call day and night to answer my Messaging service?

You don't.

Enlisting chatbots to take your Facebook Messenger lead generation to the next level can greatly benefit your brokerage. Chatbots are essentially technology that simulate human conversation. Furthermore, they can build out a lead's profile with valuable information for your agency. With a quick simulated conversation, a chatbot can tell you a lead's area of interest, price range, number of desired bedrooms, motivation etc.

Real estate chatbots are now capable of providing leads with estimated values of their home using only an address. What's more is all of this information generated through a chatbot can be automatically integrated into your firm's database.

Integrating Leads into CRM

Generating leads from Facebook Messenger will be great for your brokerage. Making sure these leads enter your database will be essential. Knowing this vital information about your leads will give you the ammunition necessary to strike while the leads are hot. If you aren't enlisting a database that seamlessly integrates this information you must make sure to hold someone accountable to do so. However, there are databases that do this automatically which will save you time and money.

Generating leads with Facebook Messenger and utilizing chatbots to simulate conversation while recording data and integrating it into your company's CRM will ultimately help you sell more homes with less effort.

"It's an opportunity to start conversations with real homeowners and real home buyers in a way that they're comfortable with while measuring cost per conversation rather than thinking of everyone as a lead."

- Nick Jenson, Convos CEO

For a more detailed look at how implementing chatbots to generate Facebook Messenger leads can help your brokerage, check out our webinar!

Generating Leads with Facebook Messenger

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