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Lead Gen | 4 minute read

Firepoint + Revaluate: Prioritizing Hot Leads That Are Most Likely To Move

Gabe Cordova Nov 12, 19

Hey folks, FYI we have a more in depth webinar on this topic with subject matter experts Chris Tamm, Chris Drayer, and Brian Burds.

Should you work longer hours or take a vacation? Should you eat healthy or indulge at that new Italian restaurant you've been wanting to go to? Prioritizing can be difficult in both business and life. It'd be great to have something or someone to tell you what's most important and when.

Real estate is no different. With the amazing amounts of lead generation tools available today, teams are constantly overwhelmed with the amount of leads they have. Likely, your team is having difficulty sifting through, organizing and following up with a massive amount of leads in (or not in) your database.

Pro-Tip: Make sure you're utilizing a database with good organizational features.

"Using a technologically savvy database gives us the opportunity to leverage, quantify and multiply at a faster rate. It changes the way we can approach the market." 

- Brian Burds, Brian Burds Home Selling Team

Organizing Your Leads

Most teams use a database with outstanding amounts of leads from decades of life connections, referrals and paid sources. These databases are designed to help your team but with the massive amounts of information they contain, they could be overwhelming them.

"I've used databases for about 10-11 years. A lot of my leads are from my old database. I'm having to go back and figure out who these people are...so that I can understand the context of our past conversations. This way I can call them and say, 'Hey, if you need anything let me know."

- Brian Burds, Brian Burds Home Selling Team

Having a database to store and organize leads and data is essential to your team's success. However, if your team isn't using or helping to clean the database it may not be as effective as possible.

Integrating Your Database

"We want to help our clients work in the same technological space easily and effectively."

- Chris Tamm, Founder and Former Chairman of Firepoint

Database integrations don't have to be difficult. Whether you're switching from a different database or integrating your current one with an AI firm, the synergy can be seamless in the right hands. Did you know that there are actually companies out there that will clean your database for you?

"We work with agents, teams, and brokers and take their database and we clean, sort, and parse it so they have a nice concise database. We do that in the first 60 seconds of the relationship..." 

- Chris Drayer, CEO of Revaluate

Integrating your database with AI to help your team prioritize leads will be beneficial. However, in doing so, make sure your database is one that allows a seamless and under-one-roof operation. This will make the integration easy on you and your team so you can focus on what matters: selling homes. 

Prioritizing Move-Likely Leads

Utilizing artificial intelligence that operates seamlessly with your database while predicting and prioritizing move-likely leads will do wonders for your team. We've determined that there are clear life changing events that motivate people to buy homes. Through artificial intelligence you can now notify your team of leads experiencing these life changes who will be likely to move soon. Why not give your team this advantage?

"We know that 88% of people work with the first agent that walks through the door, so we're trying to help give our agents the leg up." 

- Chris Drayer, CEO of Revaluate

Through a lead organized database, integration and prioritization of move-likely leads your team can thrive. For a deeper dive into prioritizing hot leads that are most likely to move, check out our webinar!

Firepoint + Revaluate: Prioritizing Hot Leads That Are Most Likely To Move

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