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Real Estate | 5 minute read

Calling Your Leads: What should I say?

Gabe Cordova Oct 08, 19

Hey folks, FYI we have a more in-depth webinar on this topic with subject matter expert, Beverly Ruffner.

Calling leads from your real estate database can seem like a daunting task. How do I pronounce their name? Is it a good number? How do I transition to real estate without being hung up on? How do I get through this seemingly never-ending list? Feel daunted no longer, we're here to help.

 We think the following topics are the most important to your lead calling process so we've put together some talking points with subject matter expert Beverly Ruffner to help with what to say when making calls.

Confirming a Good Number

Confirming a good number will be essential to moving forward with a new lead. Here are a few ways to do this.

One way is by confirming through voicemail. No, this doesn't mean leaving a voicemail, but it does mean listening to the voicemail to see if the name matches the lead. As we touched on in our blog post How to Maximize Your Real Estate Leads Database, we don't leave voicemails.

Another way to confirm a good number is through an answered call. If you feel confident pronouncing the lead's first name go ahead and do it. (If you don't ask if their email is correct). This not only confirms a good number but creates a level of familiarity. Now you're on a first name basis. This helps ease the conversation along and will make asking personal questions about the lead's financial standing more comfortable.

What happens if the voicemail is automated? You make a note of it in your database and move on. Sure, you could look up the lead's number on Yellow Pages but your time is more valuable. You want to be moving through your database calling leads as soon as they come in.

"You shouldn't have new leads older than a day. A day here and a day there can add up and the next thing you know you haven't called leads for a year".

- Beverly Ruffner, CEO Balance Business Consulting

Specifying the Area

Now you're rolling. The phone call has begun, and you've said your pleasantries. We've found the best way to begin the real estate conversation is by explaining that the lead has shown interest in properties in a specific area. Your database should have this information accessible to you.

'I see you've viewed a couple homes in the Falmouth and Hopkinton area, is this your desired area or are you looking elsewhere as well?'

From here you can verify that you have the desired area correct. Your database should indicate not only price range, but number of bedrooms etc. but the area is a more comfortable subject to bring up. Whether they already live there and want something different or they are excited to move there, the lead will enjoy talking about this. Don't allow this conversation to go on for too long. Remember, the ideal call length is three to five minutes and you have more to cover.

Assessing the Motivation

Now it's time to find out when the lead is looking to make a move. We've found that the best way to frame this is by asking:

"What are your future plans?"

This question allows you to ask about a timeline in their response. Are they looking to buy two years from now, are they currently looking to buy? This will help you classify your lead and determine what next steps need to be taken.

From here, you can begin asking the lead whether this new home will be primary, secondary or for retirement. This will also help you gauge the lead's timeline and motivation. Further, this will inform whether the lead has begun a process with a lender. Don't let the lead ramble on. You'll want to have longer, and more serious conversations occur in person.

Verifying an Email Address

Finally, verify the lead's email address and explain that the emails you will be sending might end up in their spam folder. (This happens because the emails contain links to homes.)

We'll be sending you homes to look at in your desired area, so you'll be better informed when you decide to make a move.

Verifying their email is key. Now you can regularly appear in their inbox when they come closer to being ready to buy. In doing so, you've generated a direct link for their search interests. This way they won't get stuck in competitor websites.

Finally, remember to say something suggesting you'd love to be of assistance in the future.

'...This is an investment in your future that we want to be a part of. We want to make sure that your needs are 100% met...'

Make sure that you are confirming both phone number and email, specifying area and assessing motivation to have better success calling your database generated leads. For a deeper dive into the process of lead calling, check out our webinar!

Calling Your Leads: What should I say?

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