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Lead Gen | 6 minute read

Buying Real Estate Leads: A Beginner's Guide To PPC Ads

Sammy Harper Apr 22, 22

What is PPC?

With all of the acronyms already taking up space in your brain, I hate to throw another one at you. But here we are.

Meet PPC, short for Pay Per Click.

PPC is an online advertising model that’s used by Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. You, the advertiser, only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The cost per click (CPC—sorry, another acronym) depends on which keywords you're targeting. Keywords that are more popular and competitive will be on the pricier end. The good news is that you can set an average daily budget and a maximum cost per click to avoid overspending.

There are many different ways to use PPC ads to generate real estate leads. You can opt for the simple-yet-effective Google search campaign, which will show your ad to people who search for keywords you’ve chosen to target. You could run a remarketing campaign, which will target people who have already visited your website, slipping your ad into a news article or blog post they're reading. You can leverage Facebook Ads to get your quick-hit video in front of the right people.

As for the content of your ads, they can promote your business, one of your listings, an offer for a free home valuation, your “Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Home During A Pandemic"—whatever you choose.

It all depends on your lead generation goals, your target audience, and your budget.

What's the difference between PPC and advertising on Zillow?

Reach: PPC ads allow you to reach more people. With Google Ads, they'll see your ads in search results and on other sites they visit on the web. When you advertise on Zillow, Realtor.com, or similar sites, you're limiting yourself to only people who happen to be using that website.

Lead stage: Zillow and Realtor.com leads are often closer to buying or selling than PPC leads. Zillow is a real estate website, after all, and they are choosing to reach out directly to you, through your Zillow ad, to get inquire about a particular property.

That's not to say that PPC leads can't also be ready to buy or sell. It all depends on what type of ad you were running. If it was a search ad targeting the keywords homes for sale in Denver and it brings them to your listings page, whereupon they fill out your lead capture form to view property details, there's a good chance they are just as viable as a Zillow lead.

That being said, we often recommend that agents who want to be effective at generating leads through PPC also have a solid follow-up system in place.

How do I set up a PPC ad campaign?

When it comes to executing your campaign, you have two choices:

You (or someone you’ve hired) can DIY it—create your own ads and set up your campaigns.

Or you can enlist the services of an all-in-one lead generation and follow-up platform like Firepoint, which (in addition to many other features and benefits) will have PPC specialists on staff to set up and manage your campaign.

How does a PPC campaign generate leads?

A PPC campaign to generate leads is a multi-step process:

  • First, identify your target audience. Think about what they might be searching for in Google: Homes for sale in Denver? Selling and buying a home at the same time? Best real estate agents in Denver? If you have multiple target audiences (buyers, sellers, etc.), then you'll separate campaigns for each.
  • Write an ad that will resonate with them. You’ll have to keep it short and sweet, because there’s a character limit. Use at least one of your target keywords in the ad copy, include the neighborhood/city/area you serve, and don’t forget the call-to-action!
  • Create a landing page with a lead capture form. This is the sweet spot, where you actually get their contact information. Your landing page should deliver what was promised in the ad—if your ad says Homes For Sale In Denver, then your landing page should be a filtered listings page.  If your ad says Thinking About Selling In Denver? Free Home Valuation, then your landing page should provide more information on your free home valuation offer. Whatever your offer, be sure that the person has to fill out a form before they can access it.
  • Use a CRM to automatically pull in new web leads. Ideally, your CRM will automatically categorize the lead by source and, if you have multiple agents on your team, smart distribution rules will assign the lead to the appropriate agent.
Boom. Lead has been generated.

How does Firepoint help me buy leads?

Firepoint has a lead generation platform with PPC specialists on staff that set up and manage your PPC campaign for you. You'll receive a report every 30 days to review your campaign's performance and decide if you'd like to make any adjustments. Through Firepoint, you can run ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here’s the really cool part: Firepoint is more than a lead generation platform. It’s also an IDX website platform, a CRM, and a lead follow-up system.

So when someone clicks your ad, they’re brought to a landing page (a saved search of listings that match pre-determined criteria) on your Firepoint website. Then a form pops up, requiring them to enter some contact information before they can proceed with looking at the listings. As soon as they fill out the form and click Submit, their information feeds straight into your Firepoint CRM, where the system’s brilliant distribution rules assign that lead to the appropriate agent.

I want to get started with PPC!

If you're ready to incorporate PPC into your lead generation strategy—but don't want to tackle it alone—reach out to Firepoint! We'll explain how our lead generation platform works, what you can expect from a PPC campaign, and how your real estate team can benefit from the complete Firepoint platform. Reach out today!

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