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Lead Gen | 6 minute read

Building Your Client Base with Saved Searches

Gabe Cordova Aug 24, 18

You're always looking for ways to better engage with leads and entice them with homes that might be exactly what they're looking for. However, people lead busy lives, and most who are searching for a home are doing so amongst the deluge of necessary daily activities. Don't worry! There's a better way to keep your clients up to date on home listing changes and keep their minds on buying a home, without adding time to your day.

Set your leads up for saved searches. Saved searches — also known as property alerts — are searches you set up that meet certain criteria for a specific lead. You simply set the criteria for the search and when a price is lowered on a property — or other updates occur — that information is automatically gathered and sent to the lead.

If you use a centralized CRM, you can set the criteria for the search based on the homes a person has looked at on your site. A CRM offers you visibility that you can then act on to build your client base full of great leads.

Why Saved Search?

Saved searches and property alerts offer you more opportunity to keep your brand, your number and yourhome listings in front of interested leads. You'll be able to guide them to the perfect property and build trust so they buy from YOU. However, be aware that you want to set up your saved searches through your CRM in order to keep your prospective leads away from a multiple listings service.

Sending out automatic, personal searches to clients is an easy way to build trust, while also increasing the probability that the lead will see the perfect home for them among your listings. Doing so from your CRM ensures leads are interacting with your information more so than that of your competitors. You get greater control over your database, and, therefore, greater control over your business.

Curating saved searches from your CRM ensures that when a lead decides they are interested in a home you sent them and decides to click, they are led back to your site. They won't be greeted by the numbers and photos of competitors in the sidebar that are present at sites like Zillow or Trulia. Instead, they'll be greeted by calls to action on each home's listing, urging the lead to request more information and engage with you.

Work smarter, not harder— right? Here are some ways to maximize the saved search strategy to guide your leads to the home of their dreams.

1. Default Send Daily

One of the biggest pain points for busy people searching for a new home happens when they are on a public site and see a potential home of their dreams. They excitedly inquire about more information — only to discover that the home in question was sold last week.

That sort of rejection discourages the buyer from further shopping. But in providing up-to-date listings, you can ensure your leads will never have this type of disappointing experience with your agency.

You have the advantage of rapidly updating your listings from your CRM with correct and accurate information. So let your leads in on the secret! Set up your listings updates to send out daily. Daily reminders about homes will keep your leads involved in the home search process and will keep your brand and services top of mind.

Of course, it's important not to overwhelm your leads with listings. Sending updates at a frequency that's too high for the market could drive a lead to unsubscribe, depending on their readiness. That's why it's important to understand your market, which will affect exactly how you time and position your saved search sends, such that they provide maximum value to your clients.

2. Don't Assume

The danger in sending listings without directly communicating with your leads is that your assumed criteria might be too narrow — or entirely incorrect. This mistake won't engage them to buy a home. Think about it: If your search criteria results in only 20-30 listings, then the likelihood that there will be updates to those properties every day is much slimmer than if you offer 200-300 listings within the bounds of your criteria.

Use the information from your CRM to cast a wide net of properties based on the properties a lead has already viewed. The benefit of sending a larger list of homes goes beyond offering more consistent updates: it also sets you up for the next step.

3. Ask for Correction

Sharing a large list of homes invites your lead to tell you exactly what they want. Send your leads a video email that explains the listings they are receiving from you and add key phrases that invite them to then correct you, such as, "If these homes aren't exactly what you're looking for, please let me know how I can adjust the search to better suit your criteria."

When you ask to be corrected, your lead then has the chance to engage with you to better pare down the options you're sending. They'll feel enabled to write back with more information: "I'm not looking for a home that far out of Denver, and our price range is about 50k lower." Both of you will get a better sense of what is on the market and within their interest, and you can work to find the perfect property. The sale will come later; for now, just focus on building trust in your service, your knowledge, your brand, and your commitment to getting your lead into the right home.

Convinced Yet?

Sending saved searches from a centralized CRM gives you even greater visibility into a lead's criteria for a home and into their interaction with the listings you've sent. And the more you know about what leads are looking for up front, the faster you can offer them the listing best suited for them, effectively building your client base with happy homeowners.

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