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CRM | 11 minute read

A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Team Leader (Who Uses Firepoint)

Sammy Harper Jun 17, 22

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way of running your real estate team? Maybe a way for you to feel more in-control, or to be more efficient about your lead generation?

In this blog post, I’d like to walk you through a day in the life of a team leader who is using Firepoint to run their business. Think of it as a self-guided demo; a sneak peek of what it feels like to use Firepoint to automate, manage, and grow your real estate team.

Picture yourself as a Firepoint user...

6 AM: Up and at 'em

You wake up, get ready, and head into the office. When you arrive, you say your hellos to the other early birds, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and settle down at your desk.

You take a sip from your steaming mug, feel the caffeine begin to course through your body, and smile as you open your laptop and pull up Firepoint.


Your entire business sits before you:

  • Every task you need to complete today
  • Every team member, and their open and completed tasks
  • Every lead, and everything you need to know about their activities and status
  • Your IDX website, automatically generating and qualifying leads
  • Your lead follow-up campaigns, gradually working to convert prospects into contracted clients

8 AM: Check the Dashboard

You always start by checking your Tasks on the Dashboard. You see that today you’ll be calling Andy Smith, a favorite past client. This call is part of your 33 Touch Campaign, which sometimes sends automated emails and text messages and sometimes assigns you a task, like today’s phone call.

(You actually have 10 past clients to call today—all part of that Campaign—so you plan to use the Rapid FireDialer. You absolutely love the rapid dialer. All you have to do is select the list of contacts and bam bam bam—the system dials one after another, so you get through those calls with no time wasted in between.)

Continuing your scan of the Dashboard, you see that Mercedes Morales, a new lead from last week, is showing up in Recently Active Leads and Most Active Leads. That's good news—you have a phone call scheduled with her this afternoon, and it looks like she’s eager to start the listing process; when you click her name, you can see that she has visited your Selling webpage multiple times and downloaded your Seller's Guide lead magnet.

There are  4 boxes at the top of your dashboard; each contains a number. You get a deep, almost irrational sense of satisfaction when all of these boxes read “0.”

These tiles keep you on top of your leads by letting you know:

  • How many of your leads have no tasks assigned to you
  • How many leads have no saved searches
  • How many leads still have the status of “New”
  • How many leads you have not yet viewed

You don’t see any zeros this morning, so you better dig in. But first, you pop over to the Accountability tab to see what overdue tasks and unprocessed leads your team members are dealing with.

9 AM: Get an update on team member activity

Here in Accountability, you can see an overview of all of your agents’ dashboards, as well as their lead engagement activities.

Hmm…looks like Daniel is falling a little behind, but Andrea is kicking butt! In the last 6 months, she’s generated 650 new leads and made 480 phone calls through the Rapid FireDialer. You click to listen to her most recent outbound call (they’re all saved in Firepoint if you use the FireDialer) and yep, she’s crushing it. You download the phone call and send it to your assistant with a note to add it to the training library. You might come back later to look through her latest emails and text messages, because those are probably golden, too.

You schedule a one-on-one meeting with Daniel to figure out why he's falling behind and how to get him back on track.

10 AM: Review lead profile before meeting

You get a notification that it's almost time for your 10:15 AM meeting with Julian Smith. While you walk to the coffee shop where you'll be meeting, you pull up Julian's Lead Profile on your phone to refresh your memory of your last conversation with Julian. In his profile, you see a full activity feed, including every phone call, text message, and email exchange you've had with him.

Ah yes, here is the text message where he insisted on pricing his home 75K above your recommendation. His home has been on the market for three weeks now without an offer. Hopefully he is ready to adjust his price, but if he intends to go on the attack and blame you, it will be nice to have a record of that email on hand.

11 AM: Meeting with your marketing director

You and your marketing director huddle up in the conference room to review Reports in Firepoint. The system keeps track of your spending per lead source and provides a lead source analysis. So cool.

You review the metrics—ROI, cash conversion cycle, cost per closing—and you see that you've had the most success with the PPC campaigns that you're running through Firepoint's Lead Generation Platform.

Email marketing is going well, too. You don't even need your marketing director to tell you this—you make a habit of checking the weekly email metrics to see who is opening and clicking, and your marketing director clearly knows his stuff. Engagement is soaring.

You both high five. Meeting adjourned.

12 PM: Lunch

You have lunch with a few members of you team. It's been a busy morning and you need an hour to recharge, because the afternoon is just as full.

1 PM - 3 PM

You dig into your Tasks.

First, you fire up the rapid dialer and make your back-to-back prospecting calls.

You receive a reply to one of your drip emails—the most recent in a series of follow-up emails that are automatically sent by your Long Term Seller Campaign. The lead—a client of yours from three years ago—is ready to sell and wants to speak with you. 

You have that one-on-one with Daniel, and realize that he has been writing emails from scratch instead of using time-saving templates. You give him a quick explanation and then direct him to Firepoint's email template tutorials.

You hear a commotion from the back of the office. One agent shouts "Yessss!" while another groans. You anxiously peek out of your office, but it's smiles all around. Whew. You recently changed your lead distribution rules from Round Robin to a single Pond. You were a little worried that the race to claim leads would put a strain on team unity relationships, but your agents seem to be enjoying the friendly competition.

3 PM and beyond

With your office work done, you head out to meet with a few clients for the rest of the day. 

Then it's time to go home and spend time with your family.

And the great thing about the end of the day is that you can totally relax. You're not worried about monitoring your email for leads coming in after-hours—you have alerts, autoresponder texts, and lead distribution rules to handle that.

You're not worried that you missed following up with someone. Your Campaigns have you covered.

And you know that every member of your team is staying on top of their leads and tasks, because Firepoint provides incredible accountability features.

Your business is thriving, and you have more time to spend away from your computer and out of the office. It's a beautiful balance, and you couldn't do it without Firepoint.

To learn more, check out the overview video below or request a consultation.



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