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7 Winter Pop-By Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Sammy Harper Jan 12, 22

The holiday season is over, but that doesn’t mean the time to give gifts has passed. If you’re a real estate agent looking to reconnect with your clients in a friendly and meaningful way, look no further than these winter pop-by ideas!

What is a pop-by?

The term “pop-by” was coined by real estate coach Brian Buffini to describe the marketing strategy of “popping by” with a small token of appreciation for a past client. With so much time spent on email and text message drip campaigns, it’s a good idea to add some variety to the marketing mix with something a little more personal and meaningful.

In pre-Covid days, pop-bys were a nice excuse to knock on someone’s door and have a face-to-face conversation. This winter, however, you’ll most likely be leaving your pop-by on their front step or in their mailbox. But you can make up for the lack of face-time by following up with a quick video text message. And there’s also a good chance that your client will reach out to you to say thanks!

With December being such a chaotic time of year, it’s not a bad idea to wait until January or February to do your pop-bys. Your gift won’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So here are 7 ideas for winter pop-bys that will be perfect for the next couple of months.

Winter Pop-By Ideas for Realtors

1) Ice scraper

ice-scraperThis is a practical gift that anyone living in a colder climate will appreciate. Rebecca Anne Cole (PNC Mortgage) commented on an ActiveRain blog post that she gets a positive response from popping by with ice scrapers. She suggests using this slogan on the card: "When the weather is icy cold and snowy, I am here to help clear the way and answer your [real estate] questions any day!" 

2) Succulent

Help your clients beat the winter blues by delivering a cheery little houseplant. Succulents are a good choice because they're trendy, inexpensive, and super low-maintenance. You can find a great card or gift tag on Etsy (the one pictured is by Market Dwellings) with the sentiment: "Thank you for helping my business grow." 

3) Hand Warmers

handwarmersThis idea from Embrace Home Loans will definitely come in handy this winter. Slip some hand warmers into a nice gift bag and use the tagline this loan company suggests: "The real estate market is WARMING UP! Call me to see how much your home is worth!" (Or, of course, you could simply ask them if any of their friends or family are ready to take advantage of the hot market.)

4) Super Bowl Snack


Whether you go with Teresa Cooper's nacho idea (it's hard to pass up that "nacho average realtor" pun) or some other party snack, the Super Bowl is a great event to leverage for your real estate marketing. And there are so many delightful opportunities for football-themed taglines:

  • Looking to score a deal? Contact me for your real estate needs!
  • Your referrals are a touchdown for my business!
  • I'm ready to tackle all of your real estate challenges!

5) Valentine's Day Candy

conversationheartsDon't let Valentine's Day pass you by without showing a little love to your clients! This clever little pop-by uses conversation hearts as a sweet reminder: "When the conversation turns to real estate, call me to get to the heart of the matter!" You can find these printable cards on Etsy (via REdigitalassist).

Check out our sister blog over at Realvolve for more Valentine's Day pop-by ideas!

6) Candle


Farida Saafi gifted handmade candles to her clients during the holidays, but you don't have to be DIYer to make this gift happen. Any lovely store-bought candle is sure to brighten a dreary winter day! And it's a great reminder to your clients to spread the word about your real estate business: "Don't keep your friends and family in the dark about my services! I'll provide the light they need to find their dream home."

7) Tea

teaThere's nothing like a hot mug of tea to warm you up on a chilly day. Select a nice winter brew—maybe Twinings Winter Spice or a peppermint tea—and package a few tea bags with a little jar of honey and one of these gift tags from AlexMakesHomes on Etsy: "Your referrals are my special-tea!" 


Whichever gift you choose to pop by with this winter, be sure to make the most of it. Give them something they'll actually use, attached a card with a catchy tagline to grab their attention, include your business card, and don't be shy about asking them for referrals!

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