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6 Tips for Building a Powerhouse Real Estate Team

Sammy Harper May 21, 20

Mark Pattison, an agent and team leader in the San Diego area, makes success look easy. His team, PorchLight, closed 40 transactions in April—right in the midst of coronavirus. The most his team had ever previously closed in a month was 31.

He doesn’t micromanage his agents. He isn’t constantly nagging them to call leads and set appointments. They just do it. And they do it really, really well.

Mark makes it look easy, but the truth is that a lot of perseverance and hard work continues to go into building and running his business. Mark joined us for a webinar to share how he builds his powerhouse team, encourages self-accountability, and streamlines all of the complex aspects of running a real estate business. 



In this blog post, you’ll find key takeaways from his presentation. To learn even more (and to score a free download of his 100 Point Daily Success Checklist), check out the webinar recording!

Watch the full webinar & download the checklist

Mark Pattison’s 6 Tips For Building a Team of Rockstar Agents

1) Protect your company culture

A few years into his real estate career, Mark realized many of the agents on his team weren’t putting in the effort to convert expensive online leads—and it was causing him to lose a lot of money.

So he fired 15 agents all at once.

Now, he is careful to only hire agents who fit in with the company culture—rockstar agents who are ready to do what it takes to be successful, and who will hold themselves accountable.

2) Use the 100 Point Daily Success Checklist

Self-accountability is a big part of PorchLight’s company culture. Mark doesn’t even have to check on his agents.

Instead, he uses a 100 Point Daily Success Checklist to empower his agents to hold themselves accountable. This PDF document lists everything an agent needs to do to be successful, and assigns points to each task. The agent must reach at least 100 points by the end of the day and text Mark a picture of their completed checklist.

Download the checklist here.

3) Keep it positive

“If you have one person on your team that is toxic, get rid of them," Mark told us. "There is a no-negativity policy on my team.”

When coronavirus hit California, a couple of Mark’s agents started to stress: And there was some negativity being posted in our group text. So I texted the whole group and said, ‘If you post any more negative crap, you’re out of here.’”

"I don’t like negativity, and I think it starts at the top. As a team leader, you’ve just got to keep it positive.”

4) Make sure your team huddles provide value

Unlike many teams, attendance at PorchLight huddles is not mandatory—but most of the agents show up anyways. Mark believes there are two reasons for this:

First of all, he doesn’t keep any bad apples on his team. Showing up is just part of his team’s culture. They all constantly want to become better and grow the business.

Second, Mark makes sure every huddle provides value, so they’ll want to show up.

“My huddles aren’t like, ‘Okay, everyone go around and share.’”  Instead, he focuses on providing value. He often has guest speakers—other successful agents from across the country.

Huddles are frequent—Monday, Wednesday, Friday, plus a weekly Back To Basics huddle and a weekly Advanced huddle. Sometimes he’ll add in an extra huddle—when the team switched to eXp, they had a huddle dedicated to learning that system. 

Mark has found that the constant contact is very valuable—when agents have questions, he answers them in the huddle so everyone can learn from it, because many of them will end up having the same questions at some point. He also saves a video recording of every huddle for agents to go back and reference.

5) Instead of recruiting agents, focus on attraction

How does Mark find the right agents for his team? He doesn’t recruit; he attracts. The team has a strong presence on social media, and Mark is active in giving back to the real estate community by speaking at events and on webinars. By really putting himself—and his company’s culture—out there, he attracts agents who share his mindset.

“Everyone just finds us on Instagram, or on Facebook, and through these webinars, and they’re like, ‘I want to be on your team.’”

6) Build a powerful tech stack

The success of a real estate team depends on their ability to handle all of the complex processes and tiny-yet-crucial details. At PorchLight, they are more than handling it—they’re dominating.

You see, Mark has built a tech stack—an integrated collection of digital tools—that streamlines operations and provides the team with some seriously powerful capabilities. This tech stack—and all of the work that went into building it—automates much of the process, allowing his agents to focus solely on the dollar-productive activities.

Two of the biggest pieces of his tech stack are Firepoint and YLOPO.

Firepoint is the CRM. Mark can log in and a dashboard will tell him exactly what he needs to do that day to sell houses.

YLOPO is the platform where his clients can view listings. And it just so happens to conveniently integrate with Firepoint, providing Mark with one comprehensive system and a single point of login. So, on his Firepoint dashboard, he can see that John Smith looked at five houses on YLOPO and favorited two in the last hour.

Firepoint also brings an AI component into the mix. When a lead comes in, the system will automatically reach out to that person.

“The first week we had YLOPO and Firepoint, the AI set an appointment for a $1.6 million buyer. That's not even our price point—right now, it’s more like $475. This $1.6 million buyer looked at this one home from the YLOPO-Firepoint integration and bought it. That right there probably paid for the whole thing for the whole year.”

[Webinar] Building Team Success Through ALL Markets

This blog post gave you a good rundown of what Mark is doing with the PorchLight team to keep them successful during COVID-19 and beyond. They have their 100 point checklist of tasks guaranteed to bring them success; weekly huddles that keep them informed and continuously learning; and technology that takes all of the grunt work out of identifying, nurturing, and converting leads.

But there’s even more to learn! Check out the full webinar to hear more from Mark and discover all of the ways he is leading his team to success.

Watch the webinar now!

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