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Lead Gen | 7 minute read

4 Proven Ways To Get Real Estate Leads In 2022

Sammy Harper Apr 15, 22

What are your top lead generation strategies? You've likely made some changes to your approach over the last couple of years, because some tactics just don't work as well anymore. Door-knocking, for instance, is a little tricky during a pandemic when people are even more hesitant than usual to open their door to a stranger.

Much of lead generation these days is happening online, through paid advertising, lead generation platforms, and social media. But there is still much to be said for in-person interactions, too.

In this blog post, you'll learn 4 lead generation tactics that have been proven to work—even in today's challenging real estate market.

1) Use a lead generation platform

Seeing as you chose a career in real estate, you probably don't want to spend your whole day figuring out how to set up and run a Google Ad campaign. But you do know that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective way to generate real estate leads.

So what do you do? You let a lead generation platform like Firepoint do the dirty work.

If you're a Firepoint user, all you have to do is give the PPC specialists a little bit of information about who you want to target, and they'll do the rest. The Firepoint team will write your ad copy, set up a landing page of relevant property listings and a lead capture form (that must be filled out before a visitor can view a listing), and manage your Google Ads campaign. You can choose to customize aspects of your campaign, or you can just let the Firepoint team run with it.

As new leads come in through the lead capture form on your landing page, they're pulled directly into your Firepoint CRM, where you can segment them and start them on an automated follow-up plan.

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2) Harness the power of video

While much of online advertising is geared toward buyers, running video ads on Facebook can be a great way to get more seller leads. It also happens to be a wildly effective strategy adopted by real estate broker and coach Krista Mashore:

"I want you to start thinking about video as your best friend, and as your way to develop a relationship with your community...to help them get to know you, like you, trust you, and see you as the authority figure in your field."

 To create your videos, you don't need much: just your phone and something of value to share.

Create a quick, compelling video that will capture a Facebook user's attention before they can scroll past it. It might simply be a matter of speaking to your target audience's biggest fear: "Are you ready to sell your home but worried about finding your next home in this crazy market? I've helped dozens of people in [city/neighborhood] buy and sell at the same time, and the strategies I used with them can help you, too! If you want to learn more, click the button below to get in touch!"

For video marketing on Facebook to be most effective, Krista says, you'll need to run your videos as ads:

"Facebook's algorithm is only letting you be seen by the people who are already engaging and interacting with you. Your job is to get everyone else in the community to see you. You want the person who has never heard of you before to see you—and see you on a regular basis."

"When people are seeing your videos every single week, very quickly you start to become known and seen and liked and trusted."

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3) Add LinkedIn to the mix

We've talked about running ads on Google and Facebook. If you already have those bases covered, it might be time to expand your PPC spending to include LinkedIn Ads. 

On LinkedIn, you can create extremely targeted ads because users provide a lot of detailed information in their profiles. You can set up a target audience based on things like college degree type, company size, job title, and seniority. Want to break into the luxury real estate market? Head over to LinkedIn and start promoting yourself to C-suite executives.

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4) Ask 20 people the perfect question every day

Nationally-recognized agent, author, and coach Tony Giordano says the secret to generating leads is to call 20 people every day and ask, "Do you know anyone ELSE who is looking to buy or sell a home soon?"

That "anyone else" part is important, as Tony points out:

"Why did I say 'anyone else?' Because when you ask somebody, 'Are YOU thinking about doing anything with real estate this year,' they'll tell you yes or no—but you haven't exhausted all potential business out of this person yet."

It's up to you how you will reach out to ask that question. You can try cold-calling (or, better yet, warm-calling), but Tony's two preferred methods are texting and social media—because those are the top two ways most people prefer to communicate.

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Start filling your pipeline with more leads!

Whether you choose to DIY an online ad campaign, enlist the help of a lead generation platform, or tweak your phone scripts to include the "anyone else" question, the tactics discussed above have been proven to work by some of the industry's top agents. Try one, try some, or try them all. And once those leads start pouring into your CRM, head on over to our post about lead nurturing to learn tactics for improving your follow-up!

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