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Real Estate Team | 4 minute read

3 Ways Real Estate CRM Solutions Help a Team Grow

Gabe Cordova Mar 20, 19

As your business grows, you'll be able to grow your team along with it. The opportunity to expand the bounds of what your team is capable of comes with the liberty of time and efficiency — a liberty given to your team by technology. A real estate CRM solution is the key tool to enable you to manage your team more efficiently and help you grow, both in scope and in team size.

1. Personal Liberation from the Phone

As a team lead, there comes a point when you are juggling working on everything within your business. You are calling leads, showing homes, having one-on-ones and still trying to find time to hire the right people to join your team. Eventually you will hit the wall. You'll need to make a serious leap to get out of bottleneck territory and allow your business to grow.

Making the jump from working within your business to working on your business can be seamless with a real estate CRM solution. As a team lead you'll be able to manage your team like never before and focus on providing them with the leads they need to close more deals and grow the business. You'll be able to route leads to the right agent with the touch of a button. You can also ensure your agents are speeding to lead more quickly than ever before with Lead Ponds, which includes the option to send leads that come in straight to a "shark tank" where agents can scoop up the lead and connect immediately on the phone.

2. Visibility into Sales Activities

You'll also be able to more clearly see the sales activities for each of your agents, so you can offer more relevant and curated guidance to them in your one-on-ones. If an agent is having difficulty getting leads on the phone, you'll be able to look through their recent follow-up activities to see where the trouble might be stemming from. Additionally, you'll be able to share this information with the greater team in weekly huddles. Your team members will grow to become better agents with your tailored guidance and the ability to juggle more leads within their CRM. Because they're working more efficiently, they can also offer more tailored service to their leads, resulting in more homes sold.

3. Accurate Reporting

A real estate CRM solution will allow you to grow your team securely by pulling the information you need to make sound fiscal decisions. It was difficult, before, to calculate true ROI by lead source and sales cycle. Not anymore. You'll be able to see when and if you can hire more team members, based on those ROI reports. Perhaps more importantly, you'll be able to get the most out of your money knowing that the lead sources you've invested in were the right choice.

Simply compare the reports from your CRM to see which leads are providing your agents with return of investment and, further, which agents are better at serving specific types of leads from your various sources. Unpacking the reasons behind these realities will enable you to educate the rest of your team on how to equally succeed.

Growing your team is exciting because it means you are also growing your business. Make sure you have the capacity, the visibility and the data to do your new hires justice. A real estate CRM solution will allow you to get more out of every sales activity, paying continued dividends as you continue to use it.

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