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Real Estate | 5 minute read

3 Key Benefits of A Real Estate CRM System

Gabe Cordova Mar 06, 19

Organizing lead information for follow up can quickly become too difficult to manage across disparate software platforms. You'll find yourself scrambling to remember:

Where is the record from that call last week? I remember she said something specific about wanting to meet when? Or was that the other lead who wanted a pool?

Relying on your memory for key information on each lead or deal you have in progress isn't realistic — and storing this information in different locations will only grow your disorganization and hurt the quality of your follow up with your leads. A real estate CRM will benefit your business in three key ways: You'll be able to better organize your lead information and sources, which will enable higher quality follow up and better relationships with your leads. A real estate CRM is different from other software options because it is designed especially for the real estate agent. You'll be able to get better use than you might from a generic CRM meant for umbrella sales.

Better Organization

Real Estate CRMs allow you to better organize all the details and information you need in order to do your job. How are you organizing your weekly to-dos now? You might keep a list in a separate software or even on a weekly agenda. But think, how often do things fall through the cracks? It can be difficult to accomplish all your tasks when a record of what you last talked about with a lead isn't top of mind. You can do your best to remember these details or spread them out over different software platforms, but this disparate technology stack will eventually make your data even more scattered and difficult to handle.

One benefit of a real estate CRM system is that it integrates your information into one singular platform. You can organize information about who you need to follow up with, what you last discussed and any properties they have been looking at or are interested in.

Better Follow Up

Organization helps you stay on top of every in-flight lead and possible deal in your system. The more organized the information you have on your leads, the better equipped you'll be in every interaction. You'll be able to follow up with more leads than ever before, and do it in a higher quality way that quickly develops deeper relationships with each of your leads and closes more deals.

You know how important it is to capitalize on the service mindset in order to convert more leads. In order to better serve your clients, you need to truly understand what they want in a home or in a real estate agent. This understanding requires you to listen and remember your past interactions with your leads. Did they say they want a big backyard? Older growth trees? A lot of windows? Even if they haven't explicitly stated these things, if you get the sense they might prefer one property over another, you can make a note of that in your lead history. The next time you follow up with them, you'll see your notes and be able to offer higher quality service.

If leads enter your system and look at properties on your website, the only way you can gain visibility into their behavior is through a CRM that connects to your website. Once someone enters an email into a form to look at properties, you'll be able to see when they log in and what type of properties they're interested in. Using a real estate CRM system, you'll be able to send these leads video emails introducing yourself, and offer saved searches that match their home-buying criteria.

Real Estate Specific

The difference between using a real estate CRM software and all the others is right there in the name. A real estate CRM is different from other software or CRM options because it is designed specifically with your needs in mind. Real estate CRM software has more robust capabilities, specifically helpful for real estate agent sales activities. The specificity means the technology will be easier for you to learn and master, because it was designed especially for you — with only the bells and whistles that apply to your job as a real estate agent.


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